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Nov 13, 2017

A simple and fast procedure

by Solomon Baksh

As new travel restrictions have been enforced on Cuba, from the United States, today I found the procedure to be efficient, fast and stress-free.

Regardless of whether or not you are an American citizen, as long as you pass through the Untied States of America, using one of their US-Based airlines, you must pay for a Cuba visa at the airport, from which your flight connects. In my case, earlier today, my flight was on American (AA), flying directly from Miami (MIA) to Havana (HAV).

Upon entering the AA terminal, simply join the line for Cuba Ready and have evidence of the reason for your trip to Cuba. People-to-People travel with established business entities in Cuba, are permitted so have in hand, a letter from the organization you’re dealing with.

Cuba Tourist Visa, Tarjeta del Turista for Cuba, visa for travel to Cuba from the United States

Cuba visa

Use the check-in kiosk to obtain the boarding pass and collect the luggage tag, then proceed to the check-in counter. The agent will check your passport and ticket. Once that’s done, proceed to another counter to purchase the visa, which costs US$100. That same agent stamps the boarding pass and issues the visa. Take the boarding pass back to the check-in agent and your luggage would be placed on the conveyor belt, to be loaded onto the airplane. ¡Buen viaje!

Cuba Ready stamp on Boarding pass, Cuba travel from Untied States

Cuba Ready stamp on Boarding pass


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