Cocos Island, “El Copey” bridge

Jan 29, 2015

Cocos Island, El Copey bridge, Costa Rica
Located 340 miles southwest off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Cocos Island is an oceanic island and a mere dot in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. At only 9.2 square miles, it is the largest uninhabited island in the world (only Costa Rican Park Rangers reside there) and the only one with a wet tropical climate that nourishes the very dense vegetation that completely covers it.

Since it is a Costa Rican National Park (1978) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1997) visitors can come on land, only in groups from the authorized dive yachts allowed in the Park.

In addition to the evergreen, lush flora and undisturbed wildlife, one of the most characteristic sites on Cocos Island is the bridge, “El Copey.” Local artist, Francisco Pancho Quesada, constructed it from confiscated buoys and illegal fishing equipment. Only up to four people are allowed to walk on it, at same time.

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