Cozumel, Mangrove tour

Jan 08, 2015

A visit to the coastal lagoons along Cozumel’s northern coast, is an experience few people have had the privilege of enjoying. Due to their remoteness and absence of roads, this is the island’s true wilderness. Inaccessible by land and too shallow for motorboats, the only way to visit, is in a paddled or push-poled small boat.

The Mayans used cayucos, a type of dugout canoe made from ceiba or even mahogany. But since most of these original ones are in museums, aluminum canoes
were the best option. They are easy to paddle for the long stretches of water yet small and maneuverable to work through narrow mangrove channels. These tours are designed for active participation at all times.

Surrounded by and growing within the lagoons, are mangroves. This salt-water tolerant plant has created an elaborate labyrinth of natural channels. Picking your
way through this maze, you may navigate from one lagoon to the next. At times the
paddling is easy, other times, you might have to use your hands to pull through a
narrow passage or step out and walk the canoes over shallow spots.

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