Saba, Dutch Caribbean, view from Maskerhorne Hill

Jan 29, 2015

Saba_Maskehorne Hill_1

Mt. Scenery is Saba’s highest peak (2877 feet) and is a strenuous hike for those who are fit enough, believing they can make it in the average time of 90 minutes up and then down, each way.

There are two ways to do the hike—commence from the trail at The Road in Windwardside, involving a total of 1064 steps to climb, or go higher up from The Mountain Road, pass through the nature resort, Ecolodge, and save 274 steps. However, the steps are not your typical, uniformly shaped or distanced ones. These are stone steps built many years ago, varying in length and can even be long pathways on a steep gradient.

The first lookout point at Maskerhorne Hill, at an elevation of about 1,500 feet, gives a spectacular overview of the town of Windward side, with Old Booby Hill in the distance.

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